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Folk-country-rock artist Molly Brown is an unchained songstress. Pairing inspired, honest lyrical quips with versed musicianship and vocal delivery, she offers her story to listeners who crave authenticity and heart.

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Molly’s love for music started at a very young age, thanks to her mother (a classically trained pianist) and her father, who strategically placed guitars around her childhood home in hopes she would start her musical education early. After growing up to the sounds of strong songwriting influences like Carole King, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt and the Beatles, she became passionate for the art of writing and performing in her teens. While studying at the Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, Molly frequently showcased her original songs for the student body and starred in the school’s annual Musical Theater productions. It was the artistic and thriving environment of B.S.S that fueled her inner fire to become a musician.

In 2009, she moved to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College of Music. There, after semesters of hard work and adjustments, she was able to find the sound and musical placement that she had always been looking for. Soon after, she began receiving attention from the Songwriting and Vocal Departments at Berklee, which lead her to perform in several prestigious concerts on campus. Once of which was ‘Singer’s Showcase’, a competition-based production that is judged by an esteemed panel of industry professionals (e.g. singer/songwriter Livingston Taylor and American Idol’s Debra Byrd), streamed online all over the world and voted on by it’s viewers. Thanks to support from family and friends in Toronto, Molly performed in the winning line-up of students.

The momentum from ‘Singer’s Showcase’  later lead to her recording two original songs at the Woodshed Studio in Toronto; the home of legendary Canadian rock band, Blue Rodeo. “In Circles” and “Sabotage” became the first two singles she released on iTunes. In 2013, upon graduating Berklee College of Music, she was chosen out of the entire graduating class to perform at their annual Commencement Concert at Agganis Arena in Boston. There, in front of 7,500 people, she was privileged to share the stage with legends such as Willie Nelson, Carole King, Kris Kristofferson and Annie Lennox, presenting their own songs to them as a tribute for their dedication to the music industry. The event was streamed online and received a large amount of press from publishing’s like the Rolling Stone and Huffington Post.

Before moving to Nashville, Tennessee in February of 2014, Molly returned to the Woodshed Studio in Toronto to record a new single, “Travel in Twos”. She was lucky enough to track the tender, unfeigned love song with award-winning Canadian fiddler, Anne Lindsay. The song (along with its music video) was released in November 2014 as a sneak-peak towards her upcoming, debut EP, “The High Road”. Thanks to the efforts of a viral Kickstarter Campaign, Molly crowdfunded over $13,000.00 to record the album in Nashville. The highly-anticipated project was released in December of 2015 as a musical representation of where she comes from and all of the places she intends for her songs to take her. Since its release, “The High Road” has become critically acclaimed by some of Music City’s most admired publications and industry professionals. It was listed as #9 of the Top Female Country Albums of 2016 by Queens of Country alongside Lori McKenna, Aubrie Sellers and Margo Price. Two singles from the album, “This Town” and “Montana” were both chosen as semi-finalists in the prestigious Unsigned Only International Songwriting competition for their exceptional lyrics and traditional yet experimental representation of the Country/Folk music genres. The buzz generated from the competition allowed Molly to complete a radio tour across Ontario, adding “Montana” to the daily rotation of Canada’s KX Country stations.

Molly’s exceptional guitar playing, highly-trained vocal stylings and phenomenal performance skills have also contributed to her gaining ground in Music City. She holds a weekly residency at a famed Nashville music venue, is featured in songwriter spotlights, rounds and full-band shows every week, writes material that quickly catches the attention of major publishing companies, is an avid member of the Nashville Songwriter’s Association and a frequent session musician/background vocalist. In 2017, Molly will be preparing to release another small EP to showcase her versatility as an artist and stay connected with her fans.

“The High Road” EP Reviews and Recommendations:

“Molly Brown has done absolutely everything right with her debut release. She took the time to discover who she is and what her music should be which has allowed her organic talent to shine through these 6 songs.” – One Stop Country

“Canadian country artist Molly Brown is one of the most real, raw, and heartfelt artists to have jumped onto the country scene in a while. 24 years old, and she already knows who she is as an artist and has a specific standard and level that she needs her music to be at. That kind of devotion, dedication and seriousness resulted in The High Road EP.” – Queens of Country

“‘The High Road’ is a mature set of well-crafted songs that make an impression (as well as a desire to hear more). It’s an end of year favorite from 2015 or your first favorite of the new year.”- The Daily Country

“Arguably, like other artists who manage to not only capture but hold an audience’s attention, Brown’s greatest strength is her believability. She doesn’t merely play and sing; she inhabits her songs, infusing them with a sense of intimacy and immediacy.” – Goodnight Hestia












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